Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watercolor Techniques #3 Thick and Thin Lines

This tutorial builds on technique #2 and is again to help increase brush control. The object of this project is to focus on making your brush lines thicker and thinner as you increase and decrease pressure with your brush.

For tutorial #3 you will need:

I had a hard time taking photos of each step so we made a video instead. Hope you enjoy.

Feel free to leave me comments or links to any projects you complete using this tutorial. You can also find techniques 1 and 2 in my sidebar.


Rhonda said...

I am really enjoying these tutorials. I plan on getting out the supplies tomorrow to start this with my kids (and me!).

We have some tube watercolors, but can't seem to get the right consistency. Do you have any suggestions, or would we be better off getting some good-quality cake ones to start out?


live4evermom said...

We watched your video, Paty and I. I'm getting her to come help with the watercoloring and with the summer kit.

Love the videos!

A and C from GA said...

My Younger son loved the video he just wished it was longer =o)
Great Job!-God Bless, Angie