Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Watercolor Techniques #2 Stripes of White

This tutorial is to help increase brush control. The object is to concentrate on the white line you are forming between each stripe. Try not to touch any previous strokes, keep the white lines of unpainted paper unbroken.
For tutorial #2 you will need:
Stripes of White Technique:

1. Make a squiggly stripe across the width of your paper.

2. Rinse off your brush. Swish it in the water. Look my water turned pink!

3. Make another stripe just above or below your first stripe. Try to make it really close to your first stripe, but leave a little stripe of white between. You are really working on making your stripes close to each other without running together.

4. Rinse your brush in the water. Look now my water is purple! What color is your water?

5. Keep adding stripes above and below your first stripe until your whole paper is filled. How close can you get your lines without them touching? Really work on keeping a small stripe of white between each color. Can you keep the white stripe even?

6. It's okay if some of them run together. I had that happen a few times on mine.

Have fun. You can check out my Watercolor Technique #1 here. I would love to hear about your experience sharing this tutorial with your children.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Love it! Great tutorial once again.

Thanks Amanda,
Mom-Harmony Art Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh to heck with the kids - I'm doing this for myself :0)
Thank you so much. I've been wondering how to use watercolors!!!!! Keep 'em coming!

B.A.M. said...

Thank You so much My boys and I enjoyed your water color "class". =o) God Bless-Angie in GA

Sebastian said...

This is such an encouraging series. I have a goal of using up much of my craft supplies before the next move. I think that the watercolors will be coming out tomorrow.
My five year old always wants to paint and I always find reasons to say no. Here's to having a reason to say yes.

Jessica said...

Another great lesson, we really enjoyed it!

jamie in rose cottage said...

We finally did this today and we look forward to doing the other watercolor tutorials as well! Thanks for inspiring us!

bergblog said...

We love doing these tutorials. Here we are doing this one.