Monday, December 8, 2008

Hearts and Trees Contest

winter kit button 3
In an effort to advertise my Winter 2008 Kit, I am hosting a little contest. To enter this contest you will just need to either use my button in your blog sidebar linking to my blog (the html code is in the scroll box below) or post about my kit or my blog with a link to my blog on your blog. You will then need to leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog.

I have a whole bag of handicraft and art goodies to send along to the winner.

The goodies include:

  • 1 watercolor set
  • a stack of 1/2 sheets of watercolor paper
  • some plastic canvas and a plastic canvas needle
  • some tissue paper sheets
  • three sheets of felt (0range, yellow and pink)
  • and whatever else I can find to throw in. :)

You can copy the html code in the box below to paste into your sidebar. I am not too technical, but if you have any trouble, I may be able to help you out. Thanks!

The contest will end Friday (the 12th). I will pick a random winner on Saturday the 13th. Thanks to all who participate! And you can find out more about my winter kit here. They are going fast, so purchase yours soon!


Jodie said...

I wrote a blog entry and posted your button on my sidebar. I couldn't seem to help myself.
Can't wait to see the new kit!

OhLookADuck said...

I did a little rave about your kits on my blog. We've really enjoyed the kits we've gotten and look forward to more of them. They are so much fun.

I did the button on the sidebar also. It's like magic when putting the code in works. I'm such a case! Now I hope they don't end up all selling out before I can get mine...

Lisawa said...

I posted over at my blog *Ü* Just click my name... it should take you to it.


Holly said...

I'm not sure how to post a button, but anyway wanted to say your stuff looks really great and I'll be back after the holidays to buy something. Holly

::carol:: said...

Added you once again to my blog, wonderful kits!!

Angelsoup said...
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Angelsoup said...

This kit looks as wonderful as all the others. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into these kits. They are a wonderful break to our regularly scheduled program.

Look forward to more great things. I love how you and your Mom team up. You are as wonderfully creative as she is.

I have a new post and button at

Merry Christmas!

Fiddler said...

Hi Amanda,

You're here at my blog, Rockhound Place.

My daughter has enjoyed the kits very much--thank you!

~Christina in MA

Heather said...

All posted up! I can't wait to receive the new kit I ordered.

Thanks for doing a great job on these kits.


Anonymous said...

Hi...your html code didn't show up for me, but I did make a link on my blog with a note. I also got our charter school director to contact you about Purchase Orders. I am SSSSOOOOOO excited that you said yes, and so will some of our other families. We ordered 3 Winter Kits. Thank you!

bergblog said...

I put the button on my sidebar and I always talk about your kits.
Keep them coming!

judahmo said...

I put your button on my sidebar!