About Me

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My name is Amanda. I am a 27 year old from a Homeschooling Family. (My Mom is Harmony Art Mom)

I love using my graphic arts background to design kits, complete with instructions and materials, to help  people offer art, handicrafts and nature study in their homeschooling. The idea for the kits started with a desire to help families try something new so when you purchase our art, handicraft and nature study kits you can take our ideas and then expand on those that your children like to do.

I started first with a fall themed kit in September of 2007.

My goal is to keep the kits reasonably priced but still give you the bulk of what you need to provide some fun and educational projects for your children.

I also design a variety of PDF notebooking pages, lapbook pages and e-zines.

I am currently living in Bolivia. I am here for volunteer work. I couldn't keep Hearts and Trees running without the constant help of my mom Barbara and my little brother Ben back at home. 

To see everything I currently have for sale, please see the page here

Check back often to see what I am up to.