Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watercolor Techniques #6 Texture with Rubbing Alcohol

Today's video watercolor technique is a very fun and interesting experiement with watercolor and rubbing alcohol. As you can see in the above photo, dripping rubbing alcohol on wet watercolor makes a strange bubble-like texture. I am sure you and your children will have lots of fun with this.

For tutorial #6 you will need:
Watercolor paper
Watercolors (tube or cake)
Assorted brushes
Cup of water
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton swab

(If you are reading this via a feed you will most likely need to click through to the post to watch the video.)

Feel free to share any projects you and your children complete using this watercolor technique. I love seeing what you all have done.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Great job on the video this week....I love the texture that you get with this technique.

Must try it next time we watercolor.

Mom-Harmony Art Mom

Piseco said...

Thanks for sharing this great technique! We tried it with wonderful results. My son has been on a space kick lately so he chose to do an all-black wash, with the alcohol spots looking like stars, planets and comets.

I posted the pictures at my website.

jamie in rose cottage said...

We finally did one of your great watercolor tutorials this week! Before we started she said she didn't like watercolor painting because it was hard, but my daughter enjoyed the lesson and that inspired her to want to paint more! You can see what she painted here.

Prince said...

This is great. Please review my paintings that I used alcahol textures at