Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hearts and Trees Volume 1

Hearts and Trees 
Volume 1
All About Colors!

24 pages filled with fun and interesting art, handicraft and nature study projects for you and your child to complete!

Welcome to a new experiment from Hearts and Trees! I have put together an online magazine filled with fun and interesting art, handicraft and nature study projects to share with your children.

My goal for this magazine is the same as it was for my kits. It is my aim to encourage art, handicrafts and nature study in your homeschool by providing interesting and affordable ideas and products. This magazine is designed for children ages 6-12. Younger children will need more hands-on help from parents, while older children will be able to complete more of the projects on their own. It is my plan to offer a new volume of this magazine each month.

These volumes are going to be more topic/theme oriented than seasonal, so each volume will always be for sale on my blog and will provide fun and engaging projects no matter what the time of year.

Each volume will include notebooking pages and projects similar to what were included in my kits. The main difference is you will need to provide all the materials yourself. The last page of this magazine will always include a Supply List for you to consult as well as the link to an online Amazon store filled with all the things you will need to have on-hand to complete all of the projects in this volume of Hearts and Trees. It is my goal to include projects that will use materials that you most likely already have in your house or that can easily and affordably be obtained locally or online.

I would like to help you introduce your children to new art, handicraft and nature study projects that they can then take and make their own. Feel free to adapt and recreate this projects in your own way.

The theme for this volume is "All About Colors!"
Hearts and Trees Volume 1 Includes:
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Learn all about the color wheel!
Your child will learn about primary, secondary and tertiary colors using the color wheel flashcards. He will then make his own color wheel by mixing primary colors to make the secondary and then tertiary colors.

Does your child know what color is indigo? Or mauve? In the Color Names Vocabulary project he will be introduced to 20 new colors!

The feautired artist for this volume is the Fauvist artist Andre Derain. Your child will study his painting Charring Cross Bridge, London and then complete his own landscape imitating the style of the Fauvist artists.

What makes a rainbow? Your child will learn the answer to this question and then make his own rainbow indoors using water, a small mirror and sunlight!

Colors have an affect on our emotions and with the "How Colors Make us Feel" notebooking page your child will study two art prints and compare how the colors in the paintings make him feel.
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Make a digital photo collage with Picnik.
Your child will use a digital camera to photograph interesting colors and will then learn how to make a digital photo collage online using the FREE (no registration required) website Picnik. This is a really fun project your child is sure to love.

One of the handicraft projects in this kit is learn how to make beads out of recycled paper. This is a very fun and easy project your child is sure to enjoy. The color of the beads will depend entirely on what color of recycled paper you use!

Another handicraft project your child will complete in this volume of Hearts and Trees is a decorative embroidery project. Your child will embroider his name using two decorative stitches. He will learn how to backstitch and split stitch.

The nature study portion of this volume focuses on parrots. Your child will learn some facts about parrots and then choose a parrot to research more in-depth. He will also complete an art project using oil pastels (or whatever other medium you choose) to draw a tropical bird.

There is also a feature about colorful clothing around the world. Your child will learn a little about kimonos, saris and Mexican embroidery and then color his own kimono.

This magazine is jam-packed with fun and exciting projects for you in include in your homeschool. I am very excited to share this new product with you all.

The introductory price for
Hearts and Trees Volume 1 is just $3!
To purchase Volume 1 use the PayPal link in my sidebar.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:
Thank you!


Heather said...

Looking forward to seeing this new product!

Heather W
Blog, She Wrote

Beth said...

Oh, this is great! I've been looking for some "color" projects to do with my nine year old, who has been interested in learning more about color theory. I think I may pop over and order one of your winter kits, if it's still available, and enjoy both the kit and your first issue of the digital magazine. A great idea, by the way!

Beth P

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

I just bought mine plus the cloud project too.

I have been doing art and crafts with my children 2-9 year old for a while now. But this past couple of months I have been feeling tired. I hope your projects will jump start me again.

My children love it. They are very into nature, art and crafts. So i can't drop the ball. :)
thank you for doing this.

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