Monday, February 6, 2012

Nature Study in Your Notebook

I am pleased to share a  free tulips nature study printable for your nature notebook!

I have joined up with five other awesome bloggers for the "Nature in Your Notebook Printables" link-up. This is just the thing if you are in a winter nature study slump! Feel free to visit all 6 of our blogs and download our free printables for your nature notebook. (Links are below.)

My contribution to this link-up is a free PDF that focuses on tulips. Your child will examine tulips found in your neighborhood, learn the parts of a tulip and study two famous paintings of tulip fields.

If you enjoy this PDF be sure to check out my other art, nature study and handicraft PDFs. Links are in the sidebar.

Barb from Handbook of Nature Study
Cindy from Our Journey Westward
Maureen from Spell Outloud
Jimmie from Jimmie's Collage
Lauren from Mama's Learning Corner

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Susan said...

What a handy little ebook on Tulips. Thank you for sharing.;0)

Kim said...

Thank you!

Lorinda said...

I love this cute little book! It's perfect for us this year!

AmandaChristina said...

Glad you guys like it!


Danielle said...

Used this last year with my kids, and using it again this year in connection with visiting the local tulip festival. Thanks so much for making your work available to other parents!