Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hearts and Trees Spring 2009 Kit!


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Introducing the Hearts and Trees
Spring 2009
Art, Nature Study and Handicraft Kit

Each kit includes the instructions and materials to complete easy and fun handicraft, art and nature study projects with a minimum of effort. (Please note that you will need to provide common art supplies such as paper, colored pencils, paint, glue, etc.)

I am really excited about the two handicraft projects in this kit. The first is a woven pouch made on a cardboard loom. Once you master the basics of weaving, there are so many things you can make! The yarn, weaving needle, cardboard and instructions are all included.

The second handicraft project is to make your own screen for screen printing, using the provided Scratch-a-Print screen. This is a surprisingly easy and very fun project. The screen is reusable, so you will be able to make many prints of your design.

The art aspect of this kit is focusing on Winslow Homer. The art print for this kit is Winslow Homer's "Mink Pond." A notebooking page for Winslow Homer is included as well as an art element worksheet focusing on Value-Light and Shadows.

There is also a set of copy work pages focusing on frog poetry. There are two blank lined pages you can use for the copy work, as well as a page of frog poetry and suggestions for how to use them.

The nature study portion of this kit is focusing on frogs and nature study near lakes, rivers, streams or ponds. My mom helped me to design a frog file-folder book (which you could mount on cardstock if you prefer). In the lapbook there are components for vocabulary, frog facts, bullfrog facts, frog noises, and the frog life cycle. In the lapbook you can also mount your life cycle of a frog drawing (instructions for this drawing project are included).

I have also included a laminated nature study card designed to help you as you explore the area near a river, pond, steam or lake.

We also thought it would be fun to give you some ideas of how you can use the projects from this kit to throw a frog-themed art and nature study party showcasing what you've learned using this kit. So we have included a one page sheet of ideas to help you plan a Frog Party for your friends and family. There are ideas for invitations, refreshments, activities and how to present your projects from the kit.

In all this kit includes: 2 handicraft projects, 1 drawing project, 2 art notebooking pages, 1 art print, 1 frogs lapbook, 1 set of frog poetry copy work pages and 1 laminated nature study card.

Complete Contents List:

  1. Woven pouch on a cardboard loom- materials (cardboard, yarn, plastic weaving needle) and instructions
  2. Screen printing project- materials (scratch and print screen) and instructions
  3. Winslow Homer art print “Mink Pond”
  4. Winslow Homer notebooking page
  5. Art element worksheet- focusing on value- light and shadow
  6. Frogs Lapbook- (6 page set of lapbook pages with color cover) Note: file folder is NOT included
  7. Life Cycle of a Frog drawing project- materials (cardstock) and instructions
  8. Laminated nature study card- focusing on river, stream, lake or pond observations
  9. Frog poem copy work set- three pages (2 blank copy work pages and a page of frog poems)
  10. Plan a Frog-Themed Event instructions sheet

These kits were gathered with children ages 6-12 in mind. Parents may need to help their students, especially younger children, with some aspects of this kit.

To purchase a kit you will just need to make a PayPal payment to my account. You can do that using the "Pay Now" buttons in my sidebar. Just be sure to use the button for the right number of kits you would like to purchase.

The cost per kit is $11.95 plus shipping. Shipping for one kit will be $2.75 First Class. Shipping for two kits will be $4.00 First Class and shipping for three kits will be $7.00 First Class (Please note if you purchase three kits it will come in two envelopes). For information about purchasing more than three kits, please email me for shipping information. Shipping prices are for the US and Canada. (For information about shipping outside of the US and Canada, please email me.)

All kits will ship within 3 business days after I receive payment. (Usually the next day.)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the PDFs I am currently selling (they are in my sidebar) and you wish to make a combined payment for multiple items, feel free to email me for a total.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at amandachristina@yahoo.com.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Looks great! I know how hard you worked on this one so you should be very proud of all your efforts.

I know that a lot of families are going to benefit from each and every component.

I want to have a frog-themed party! Can we convince your brothers to participate?

I am really glad that you are back in business after the ordeal with the govt. regulations change.

I hope everything goes smoothly for your pre-order.

Mom-Harmony Art Mom

Jennifer said...

Yay! A new kit for Spring! My daughter and I love doing your kits together. We can't wait for this new one. Thank you!

Kenj said...

Hey Amanda-

I'm giving away two of your kits on my blog!



live4evermom said...

You did great on this one. I know my boys will like this one.


Business Cards Printing said...

This is very creative! I love your design input. I'll link your site to my friends who have kids. Enjoyed this post even if I don't have kids, I appreciate it!

Amy Jo said...

So glad I found your blog. Can't wait to see all that you have to offer. :-) Sweet blessings, Amy in OR

judahmo said...

I can't wait to see what you've done with this kit! Once again, I thank you for doing this.


Charlean said...

Hi Amanda

wow your painting tutorial is really goooooooooooood.... I loved it.. I want to try it with a few children I am going camping with... they will have fun, and learn colors and shades at the same time... thanks...

Nick the Poodle said...

Hi Amanda,

This was our first day of summer. We started the Spring 2009 Frog kit. We are so excited to get started. As an added bonus we look for frogs on our nature walks.

Thank you for making a "boy-friendly" kit.


Anonymous said...

We have finally finished the lapbook from your kits. I thought I would leave the link so you can see how they turned out. The boys loved them.
Thanks for all your work!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to include the link! Silly me!

Alicia said...

My son is still to young for this, but I just had to tell you how spectacular it looks! A wonderful well rounded kit, and that price! I couldn't believe it!

Great work!