Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hearts and Trees Volume 2

Hearts and Trees
Volume 2:
Russian Stacking Dolls Edition!
With the success of Hearts and Trees Volume 1: All About Colors! I am excited to share with you all the latest product of Hearts and Trees. This volume is 23 pages filled with fun and interesting art, handicraft and nature study projects for you and your child to complete!
I am so excited to finally share with you Hearts and Trees Volume 2. Believe it or not I started putting it together in February. I can't believe it is almost June and I am just now getting it up for sale. Life has been busy!

Enough about that...here are the details about what is included in this edition of Hearts and Trees.

I hope this volume of Hearts and Trees encourages you to include art, handicrafts and nature study in your homeschool. I hope you find the projects in this online magazine both engaging and affordable.

This magazine is designed for children ages 6-12. Younger children will need more hands-on help from parents, while older children will be able to complete more of the projects on their own.
Make your own Russian Stacking Dolls!

Hearts and Trees Volume 2 includes a wide array of notebooking pages focusing on the Russian painter Nicolai Galakhov, Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Siberian animals, etc… There is also a page to design your own Russian stacking dolls and a link is provided on the supply list page to purchase unpainted wooden stacking dolls for your child to paint. This is a project your child is sure to love and remember!

Doodle Pattern Project Sample

The art element notebooking page focuses on pattern. A very fun and intersting doodle pattern project it also included. This is a project your child is sure to love...the possibilities are endless!

Drawstring Treasure Pouch

The instructions are included for your child to sew his very own drawstring treasure pouch. You will be amazed how quickly and easily this project will come together.
Word Cloud Sample

There are also the instructions to learn how to make a digital word cloud using the free website tagxedo.com. Once your child learns this technique, he can use it for all sorts of projects. This one is sure to be a hit!

I would like to help you introduce your children to new art, handicraft and nature study projects that they can then take and make their own. Feel free to adapt and recreate this projects in your own way. As always I am open to suggestions, so if there are any themes you would like to see in upcoming volumes please email me! (My next volume is going to be more "boy" themed...think Wild West or Space!
The introductory price for
Hearts and Trees Volume 2 is $4!
To purchase Volume 2 use the PayPal link in my sidebar.
Additionally, if you purchase one of my remaing Hearts and Trees Fall/Winter Kits I will send you Volume 2  FREE!!

Here are the details:Volume 2 will be emailed to you as a PDF file attachment within 72 hours after I receive payment, usually sooner. (I currently do not have Internet access at my house.) The PDF will be emailed to the email account associated with the PayPal payment I receive.

*Please note if you purchase these pages they are for your own personal use and are not to be distributed or sold. *

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:
Thank you!

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Kim Hogan said...

I love your blog, I love your talent. I'm inspired. Is your Hearts and Trees magazinge an ezine, or a hard copy? I'd really like to get the volume with the Russian stacking doll project in it. I am also planning on purchasing a couple of your notebooking projects. We are new to homeschooling and are still experimenting with curriculums, but Notebooking and Lapbooking will always be the central method of our school, we will revolve everything and every curriculum around these methods.
Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Hoping this finds you well.
God Bless,
Kim H