"I loved how it came packaged. Before even opening the kit, there is a list of what the kit contains. Immediately I notice that there is a broad range of activities and that this is not a kit that we are going to be able to do in an afternoon. There are a good couple of days worth of activities here - brilliant! That means that we can enjoy our kit and savour it over time."

"If you are looking to add handicrafts, art and nature study to your homeschool but do not have the time to gather materials and ideas then Hearts and Trees kits would be the best bang for your buck."

 "I just love these kits because everything comes inside and it includes an art study, a nature study and a sewing project or some other handicraft or two."
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 "The projects are easy to follow and have easy materials for the most part. For a busy homeschooling family, the online format means you can access it anytime and you can go back to it if you want to try a technique again. In addition, I love the variety of projects."
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