Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gardens in Art Mini Unit Study Notebooking Pages PDF

I am now offering a PDF set of notebooking pages designed to be used with my Gardens Art Show.

This is a set of 11 notebooking pages designed to help you and your students really get into the pieces of art. I have chosen 10 of the works included in my art show to focus on in this set of notebooking pages.
  • Each page includes questions to help you and your students take a deeper look and gain a deeper understanding of the artist, subject and style. (You can consider these questions orally or have your children write their responses in the space provided.)
  • A short biography is included for each artist.
  • Some pages include easy art activities you might wish to spend some time completing after viewing the artwork
  • Most of the notebooking pages include the piece of art being studied. If the artwork is not in the public domain a link is provided instead to view it online. 
  • A blank artist/artwork notebooking page is included that you can use with a garden themed piece of art of your choice!
If you would like to purchase the Gardens in Art Mini Unit Study, it is just $4.95!

To purchase a set you can use the Add to Cart PayPal button on my blog sidebar. Just be sure to use the right button, as I have many items currently for sale. This is not automated, so I will to email the PDF file to you once I receive your PayPal payment.

The PDF will be emailed to you within 72 hours after I receive payment, usually sooner. The PDF will be emailed to the email account associated with the PayPal payment I receive.

If you have any questions about the Gardens in Art Mini Unit Study Notebooking Page Set PDF feel free to email me at

*Please note if you purchase these pages they are for your own personal use and are not to be distributed or sold. *

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