Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden Seed Kit

With my mom's help we have put together a kit full of art, nature study and handicraft goodness that you are sure to love.The overall theme of this kit is gardens. The nature study projects in this kit will inspire you and your children to get out in your garden and explore.

Our aim is to help you include art, nature study and handicrafts in your homeschool. Our kits are designed with children ages 6-12 in mind. Younger children will just need more hands-on help while older children can be more self-directed. You will need to provide some basic arts and crafts supplies to complete the projects in this kit (glue, scissors, etc.)
The instructions, felt and magnet are included for your child to complete a Stiff Felt Magnet Dragonfly Pendant. This is sure to be a hit. There should be enough scrap felt for your child to design a second felt item of his choice.
Another project in this kit is a Botanical Solar Print. The instructions and paper are included for your child to complete two solar prints using items he collects from your garden.
The materials and instructions are also included for your child to create a Sticky Garden Fun Window Project. After collecting colorful items from your garden your child will create their own window art.
The instructions and tissue paper are also included for your child to make their own Easy Tissue Paper Mache vase. (You will need to provide the smooth vase or jar and tissue paper colors may vary.)
The foam and instructions are included for your child to make his very own foam stamps. He will then use the stamps to decorate the cover of his Garden Journal.

The nature study portion of this focuses on seeds. Four different kinds of seeds are provided for your child to study and observe grow. A Seed Comparison notebooking page is included as well as one about Seed Dissection and Seed Germination.

Instructions and a piece of chalk are also provided for your child to make his own Sidewalk Garden Scavenger Hunt. A laminated card is also provided for you and your child to use on your next nature walk as well.

The art part of this kit focuses on Renoir and Monet. An art print of Renoir's Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil is included as well as a notebooking page focusing on this artwork and one focusing on the similarities between Renoir and Monet. An index card is also included for your child to make a viewfinder to aid in his study of their Renoir's art print. An extra art print (prints will vary) is also included for your child to study using his viewfinder.

In all this kit includes:
· Sticky Garden Fun Window Project (instructions and contact paper)
· Stiff Felt Magnet Project (instructions, 4 pieces of felt, magnet)
· Foam Stamp Project (instructions and foam)
· Easy Tissue Paper Mache Vase Project (instructions and tissue paper)
· Botanical Solar Print (instructions and 2 sheets of paper)
· Sidewalk Garden Scavenger Hunt (instructions and sidewalk chalk)
· Renoir print Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil
· Renoir art print notebooking page and index card for viewfinder
· Garden Journal (instructions, construction paper for the cover)
· 3 Garden-related notebooking pages/activity pages  (2 lima beans, 3 kidney beans, 3 pinto beans, 1 sunflower seed, 1 corn seed, paper towel and baggie)
· Garden Scavenger Hunt laminated card

To purchase a kit you will just need to make a PayPal payment to my account. You can do that using the "Add to Cart" buttons in my sidebar. Just be sure to select the right number of kits you would like to purchase.

The cost per kit is $10 including shipping or $16 including shipping for two kits. For more information about purchasing more than two kits, please email me for shipping information. Shipping is available in the US ONLY!!

All kits will ship within 4 business days of payment being made

If you have any questions, feel free to email me (


Ginger said...

This looks great. My dd loves your kits.

Dawn said...

I have tried to purchase this garden kit twice but each time I get the message that I need to contact seller because there is something wrong with seller's page. I'd love to purchase this. Can someone help?