Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons- Spring

So, in keeping with my tradition of posting Vivaldi's movement from the Four Seasons for each season, here is Spring.

I was interested to read that there are actually sonnets (written perhaps by Vivaldi himself) that go along with each movement. Here is the sonnet for spring:

Spring has come and joyfully the birds greet it with happy song, and the brooks,
while the streams flow along with gentle murmur as the zephyrs blow. There come,
shrouding the air with a black cloak, lighting and thunder chosen to herald [the
storm]; then, when these are silent, the little birds return to their melodious
And now, in the pleasant, flowery meadow, to the soft murmur
of leaves and plants, the goatherd sleeps with his faithful dog at his side.
To the festive sound of a pastoral bagpipe, nymphs and shepherds dance under
their beloved roof, greeting the glittering arrival of the spring.

As you listen you might want to try this idea from my mom's blog: Coloring to Classical Music.

You also might want to brainstorm and record any images of spring that come to mind when you and your children listen to this song and write your own poems.

I can hardly wait until summer...Summer is my favorite Vivaldi movement.

If you are interested in studying a little more about Vivaldi you can check out the Harmony Fine Arts Free Dowload (Vivaldi is on page 8 of the PDF). It has links to biographical information and online listening.

If you want to purchase a Vivaldi CD from Amazon, here are some to get you started: (We own the first one and highly recommend it.)

And if you haven't seen my spring themed art, handicraft and nature study kit, check it out here!


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I enjoyed listening to Vivaldi this morning as I read your blog entries. :) It made me feel very "springy".

I love those bird notebook pages from Notebooking Nook.

I really like the look of your new header with the poppies...very pretty.

PS You should tell everyone how you had to stop on the side of the road to take the poppy photo and you were spotted by someone you knew...sounds like something I would do.

Melissal89 said...

Thanks, this will be perfect for our Music study on Friday! We are looking for all things springy! I ordered the CD too, I'm working on my collection.

Blessings, Melissa