Monday, April 7, 2008

Art Show to Follow

So, I know I promised another art show for today. Life got in the way this weekend and I haven't finished putting it or the notebooking pages together. I actually had a good friend rushed to the hospital so I couldn't think of anything else this weekend. (She is fine now and at home, thankfully.) I will be finishing up the show and the notebooking pages this afternoon and will be able to post them either late this afternoon or tomorrow first thing in the morning. Be sure to come back to check them out.


Tina said...

How scary... Praying for your friend.


Holly@aiminghigh said...

No worries. Family and friends come before bloggy "strangers". I'm glad to see your priorities are in line. I'm also glad to hear your friend is home and okay.
Willingly and patiently waiting....
Many Blessings,