Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Picture Study With Warm Colors

Here is an easy picture study you can do focusing on the painting The Mulberry Tree by Van Gogh and discussing warm colors. First you can start with a discussion with your children about warm colors using the facts below. Encourage them to look for warm colors around them (there are lots of places we can find warm colors during the fall season). Then you can help them find the warm colors in the art print in the post. I have also included a few follow up activities that you can complete if you wish.

Here are some facts and questions about warm colors:

  • Warm colors usually remind us of fire or the sun.
  • What colors are fire and the sun?
  • Red, orange and yellow are warm colors.
  • Can you find any warm colors around your house?
  • Where do we see warm colors in nature?

        What warm colors can we see in Van Gogh’s painting Mulberry Tree?

        Some other questions you could ask about this painting:

        • What sort of brushstrokes did Van Gogh use?
        • Does this painting look like a real tree to you? Why or why not?
        • What time of year do you think it is in this painting?
        • Do you like this painting? Why or why not?
        • What would you do if you were in this painting?
        Here are some activities you can do using your knowledge of warm colors:
        • Draw a fall picture using only warm colors on a separate sheet of paper.
        • Find all of the warm color crayons in your box.
        • Go on a warm color nature walk- look for warm colors wherever you go.

        ***If you are interested in adding more art, nature study and handicrafts to your homeschool, be sure to check out the Hearts and Trees Fall 2008 Kit- in all there are 7 notebooking pages, an art print with corresponding drawing project, 2 handicraft projects and 1 crafty art project included in this kit!


        One of the Callarmans said...

        Thank you so much for this idea! We are studying Van Gogh this term and this will go great with what we are doing.

        Timmy said...

        Very natural. I like this sort of Arts. Its very good to watch.