Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hearts and Trees Fall 2008 Kit

Introducing the
Hearts and Trees Fall 2008 Kit!

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you!!

Each kit includes the instructions and materials to complete easy and fun handicraft, art and nature study projects with a minimum of effort on your part. (Please note that you will need to provide common art supplies such as colored pencils, white school glue, a permanent black marker, etc.)

In this kit we have an embroidered leaf project. Using a leaf you find in your yard, your child will learn to make a basic back-stitch around the leaf shape. We were inspired by these embroidery projects. You can even use the provided embroidery hoop as a frame for your child's finished work!

Our art print for this kit is Cezanne's Still Life with a Curtain. There are also 2 notebooking pages to go along with this art print. One is about Paul Cezanne and the other is "What is a still life?"

Another handicraft project included in this kit is a simple macrame beaded bracelet. We have provided the red hemp, 6 black beads and easy to understand instructions to complete this fun project.

I have also designed a set of 6 Fall Poetry and Nature Journal Quotes Notebooking Pages. The first page includes 7 quotes and poems you can use throughout the notebooking pages or in your own nature journal. There are three variations of blank lined pages. You can use these pages to copy one of the poems or quotes from this page. For younger children you can lightly write in the poem or quote and have them trace over it. You can also use these notebooking pages to write facts about fall or about a fall nature walk.

Two of the blank lined pages have boxes where your child can draw a picture related to whatever he or she writes on the page. One blank lined page has a fall themed picture of an apple basket that can be colored in by your child. One page has 2 fall quotes and then lines underneath for your child to copy the quote. One page has the words FALL and HARVEST written along the side so you and your child can write your own acrostic poems. You are also welcome to copy these pages as needed for your personal use.

The materials and instructions are also provided for this vibrant tissue paper collage. Using Spectra Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue and leaves you find in your own neighborhood, you will complete this collage.

Complete Contents List:

  1. Cezanne art print: Still Life with Curtain
  2. Paul Cezanne notebooking page
  3. "What is a still life?" notebooking page with instructions to complete your own still life drawing
  4. Materials to make an embroidered leaf project (embroidery hoop, leaf-colored embroidery thread and embroidery needle)
  5. Instructions for embroidered leaf project
  6. Materials to make a macrame beaded bracelet (hemp and 6 beads)
  7. Materials for fall leaf tissue paper collage (4 colors of tissue paper and cardstock)
  8. Instructions for fall leaf tissue paper collage
  9. Set of Fall Poetry and Nature Journal Quotes notebooking pages (6 pages)

In all there are 7 notebooking pages, an art print with corresponding drawing project, 2 handicraft projects and 1 crafty art project included in this kit!

These kits were gathered with children ages 6-12 in mind. Parents may need to help their students, especially younger children, with some aspects of this kit.

To purchase a kit you will just need to make a PayPal payment to my account. You can do that using the "Pay Now" buttons in my sidebar. Just be sure to use the button for the right number of kits you would like to purchase.

The cost per kit is $11.95 plus shipping. Shipping for one kit will be $2.50 First Class. Shipping for two kits will be $3.50 First Class. Shipping for three kits will be $4.75 Priority. SOLD OUT!!! Thank you!!!

For information about purchasing more than three kits, please email me for shipping information. Shipping prices are for the US and Canada. (For information about shipping outside of the US and Canada, please email me.)

All kits will ship within the next two to three days after payment is received.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the PDFs I am currently selling (they are in my sidebar) and you wish to make a combined payment for multiple items, feel free to email me for a total.

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Carol said...

Fall kit looks great!! Do you mind if I put a link on my blog and use your pic? Thanks!

bergblog said...

We made the tissue paper leaf collage today. We had alot of fun. Thanks for making these kits.