Monday, October 1, 2012

Hearts and Trees Kit vs. Digital Magazine

I have had a few questions about the difference between the Hearts and Trees Kits I offer for sale through my blog and The Hearts and Trees Digital Magazines that I also have for sale.

Hearts and Trees Kits

Basically, a Hearts and Trees Kit is a packet of instructions and materials to help you add art, handicraft and nature study into your homeschool. When you purchase a kit, it is physically mailed to you. Each kit is full of a variety notebooking pages, an art print, art projects, instructions for handicraft projects and all the materials you need to complete the projects (except for some common art supplies I assume you will already have on hand.)

I usually have at least one kit for sale at a time. (But right now I currently have three with another once coming out soon!) Each kit has a different theme and set of projects and notebooking pages. 

Hearts and Trees Digital Magazines

A Hearts and Trees Digital Magazine is a PDF "e-zine" that is emailed to you after you purchase it. Each of the volumes of my Digital Magazine are also packed full of art, nature study and handicraft projects to include in your homeschool. The main difference is that YOU provide all the supplies.

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