Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Frog Book Links

My Hearts and Trees Spring Kit has a nature study and art focus of frogs. Frogs are fun to sudy wherever you live and whatever the age or gender of your children. My spring kit includes a frog nature study lapbook (designed by my mom), a Winslow Homer art print featuring a frog, frog copy work notebooking pages, and a page of frog-themed party ideas. (Just a note: I will be shipping all Spring Kit pre-orders on Friday, so be sure to purchase yours today!)

I wanted to share some book links with you if you are interested in spending a little more time studying frogs with your children.

And like I said, be sure to check out my Spring Hearts and Trees Kit. I will be shipping all pre-orders on Friday and after that kits will ship within three business days of my receiving payment. Have a great day!

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Fiddler said...

Thanks for the book ideas! Here are a few more that the Easter bunny brought my kids:

The Frogs and Toads of North America by Lang Elliot (includes a cd with frog calls; gorgeous photos!).

All about Frogs by Jim Arnosky.

It's not specifically about frogs, but this book by Gordon Morrison, has beautiful illustrations and small chunks of information: Pond.