Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hearts and Trees Summer/Fall Kit

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Introducing the Hearts and Trees
Summer/Fall 2009
Art, Nature Study and Handicraft Kit

I am really excited to *finally* share with you my new Hearts and Trees Kit. Because it has taken me so long to put together, I am combining my Summer 2009 and Fall 2009 kits. There are a lot of fun projects in this kit that I am sure you and your children will enjoy.

Each kit includes the instructions and materials to complete easy and fun handicraft, art and nature study projects with a minimum of effort. (Please note that you will need to provide common art supplies such as paper, pastels, paint, glue, etc.)
The large sewing project in this kit is an easy felt ball bird. The instructions and materials (except for the stuffing-which you can use rice or beans or cotton batting) are provided for your child to sew their own felt ball bird. (The felt color will vary).

The nature study portion of this kit focuses on trees, which is perfect for the summer and fall months. Three pages of nature study observation sheets are provided and you are free to make as many copies of them as you would like for your personal use. A 3"x5" laminated scavenger hunt observation card (like the ones included in my past kits) is also included.

The instructions and most of the materials are also included to make your very own bagel (or pinecone) birdfeeder. The string, birdseed and instructions are provided, you will just need to supply the bagel or pinecone.

The featured artist is Paul Gauguin. There is a notebooking page focusing on him and the art print of his "Tahitian Landscape 2" which is included in this kit.

The art part of this kit focuses on the color wheel and complementary colors. Your child will use paint and the three primary colors to mix and paint the 12 colors of the color wheel. Your child will also learn how to identify complementary colors using the color wheel. A notebooking page focusing on complementary colors is also included.

As a **new feature** this kit includes a 5 page PDF set of art notebooking pages focusing on complementary colors. The set of notebooking pages is similar to the art mini unit study PDFs I have for sale on my blog. The PDF will be emailed to you when you purchase a kit. (The PDF will be emailed to the email address associated with your PayPal payment.)

The materials and instructions are also provided in this kit for a fun black cardstock and glue project. Your child will sketch his own Tahitian Landscape and use glue and pastels or chalk to make a beautiful work of art.
In all this kit includes: 1 sewing project, 3 art element notebooking pages, 1 artist notebooking page, 1 art print, 1 nature study laminated card, 3 pages of nature study observation sheets, 1 handicraft nature study project, 1 drawing project, the materials and instructions to make your own leaf press and a 5 page set of complementary color themed art notebooking pages!
Complete Contents List:
  1. Felt ball bird sewing project (pre-cut felt, needle, thread and instructions)
  2. Color wheel/Color mixing painting project (notebooking page and instuctions)
  3. Complimentary colors notebooking page
  4. Complimentary colors PDF (5 page PDF which will be emailed to you)
  5. Gauguin art print- “Tahitian Landscape 2"
  6. Gauguin notebooking page
  7. Trees nature study observation pages (3 pages)
  8. Trees nature study laminated observation card
  9. Black paper and glue drawing project (black cardstock and instructions)
  10. Bagel (or pinecone) birdfeeder project (string, birdseed and instructions)
  11. Leaf press (cardboard, rubber bands and instructions)

These kits were gathered with children ages 6-12 in mind. Parents may need to help their students, especially younger children, with some aspects of this kit.

To purchase a kit you will just need to make a PayPal payment to my account. You can do that using the "Pay Now" buttons in my sidebar. Just be sure to use the button for the right number of kits you would like to purchase. All kits purchased before July 22nd will ship July 23rd. After July 22nd kits will ship within 3 business days after I receive payment.

The cost per kit is $11.95 plus shipping. Shipping for one kit is $3.00 First Class. Shipping for two kits is $5.00 Priority and shipping for three kits is $8.50 Priority. (Please note that shipping costs are slightly more expensive for this kit, because it weighs more than previous kits.) For information about purchasing more than three kits, please email me for shipping information. Shipping prices are for the US and Canada. (For information about shipping outside of the US and Canada, please email me.)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the PDFs I am currently selling (they are in my sidebar) and you wish to make a combined payment for multiple items, feel free to email me for a total. I also still have a few Spring Kits available. If you are interested in purchasing any of those along with a Summer/Fall kit, just email me and I can get you a total. Thanks!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at amandachristina@yahoo.com.


Sweet Blessings said...

I'm a friend of Brenda's and first heard about these kits from her-then I became a follower of this blog. Very cool ideas!! Is the summer/fall one kit price or two since they are together? I wanted to know before deciding which kits between spring summer/fall or both.

Sweet Blessings said...

ok-duh! I just saw the paypal on the side for summer/fall together-how about spring? amanda:)

Hope said...

This kit looks great! Will have to see if I have the money next month. Hopefully you will still have some available then. :)

AmandaChristina said...


My spring kit is $14.70 for one kit. If you would like a combined total for spring and summer/fall kits just email me and I can get that to you.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

This is a wonderful kit Amanda! I love the looks of all the art elements this time around. I would like to have your brothers work with the color wheel and the complementary colors notebook pages.

Thanks for all your hard work and I know this is going to help a lot of families include art, nature, and handicrafts in their lives.

I'm proud of you cutie!
Mom-Harmony Art Mom

melanie said...

We just recieved your summer/fall kit and we love it! Just the thing to actually get us DOING art and nature study, instead of me just reading great ideas on blogs and in books LOL. Thanks!! When is your next kit coming out?

Nick the Poodle said...

Hi Amanda,

I made your and your Mother's blogs two of my favorite HS blogs.



Sebastian said...

I'm not on Paypal. Are there any other options for payment?