Sunday, December 9, 2007

Easy Felt Bear Instructions

Easy Felt Bear Sewing Project

You will need:
Bear template (found here at
Two 9”x12” sheets of felt (you can use two colors or one)
Cotton stuffing
Buttons and permanent marker (optional)
1. Gather your supplies. 2. Cut out the bear template. Stack your two sheets of felt. Pin the bear template on top of the two felt sheets.
3. Cut around the bear template. Remove the template and re-pin the felt together. 4. Starting at the top on one ear sew around the edge of the bear with a whip stitch.
[To sew a whip stitch you will start at the back of the two sheets of felt, about 1/8” away from the edge, and come to the front. Your next stitch will be the same- back to front. Your stitches will cross over the edge of the felt. Make your stitches close together and tight.]
5. Stitch all around your bear to the top of the other ear. Leave the top of the head open to stuff your bear. When you reach the other ear knot off your thread. 6. Stuff your bear with cotton stuffing. Use small clumps at a time. Use the eraser end of a pencil to gently push the stuffing down into the bear’s legs and arms. Use more stuffing for a stiffer bear and less for a floppier bear. 7. When done stuffing your bear, pinch closed the top of the bears head and whipstitch between the two ears.
8. You can draw a face on your bear with a permanent marker or you can sew on buttons if you like.
**I would love to see photos of any bears made using these instructions. So, feel free to email me photos or links to photos of this project at Hope you have fun!


Berry Patch said...

Oh thank you for posting this! My son had asked to make some stuffed bears as Christmas gifts. I stumbled upon your blog after I heard about your neat sounding nature/art kits at Lilliputstation (Melissa Telling) Yahoo group. :-)

Lisa B

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this idea! I am planning to make a similar design, so my girls can each sew a little felt doll. Then, we will make clothes that can be attached with velcro.

Brenda said...

We will be making these for sewing class today (my 11 year old daughter and her friend). We are going to make them Christmas bears!!! :) Thanks for the idea!