Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Child's Sewing Box

"The Handicrafts best fitted for children under nine seem to me to be chair-caning, carton-work, basket-work, Smyrna rugs, Japanese curtains, carving in cork, samplers on coarse canvas showing a variety of stitches, easy needlework, knitting (big needles and wool), etc."

~Charlotte Mason Volume 1 Page 315

Sewing is a great handicraft for children, especially because it is also a useful skill a child is likely to use later in life. Sometimes though it seems that parents are not sure where to start. Sewing to me is like all other artistic mediums. It seems like we need to first let children become familiar with the supplies, next provide some guided instruction and then let the children explore the possibilites on their own.
This post is going to explain how to put together a sewing box for a child. It doesn’t take much to put together a box of fun stuff to inspire some sewing. And at the end is a link to an easy sewing project tutorial also posted on my blog.

Here are the basic you will want for a sewing box:

Fabric (cotton and felt are the easiest to start with)


Needles (needles with larger eyes are better for little hands to thread)

Pins on a cute pincusion (pins with round plastic heads are easiest for little hands)

Safety pins (they are sometimes easier to use than straight pins

Scissors (they should be sharp, so be sure to supervise)

Other fun things to add:
Cute measuring tape
Fun thimble
Needle Threader

Put all these items together in a cute sewing box and you are set.

You can also include instructions for the easy felt bear I have posted. The link to the post is here. I would love to post photos of your sewing boxes or bears you have sewn using my instructions on this blog, so feel free to email me photos or links to your photos at

I can usually find little travel sewing kits at my local DollarTree store, which has assorted thread, pins, needles, and buttons. Walmart also has little sewing kits already put together. Or here are some links to get you started.

You can even buy felt on!

And I still have quite a few Hearts and Trees Winter Themed Art, Handicraft and Nature Study Kits available, so be sure to check out the post here if you haven't already done so!


Dorla said...

Amanda, what a great idea. We just finished making the fleece hat and loved how easy it was. I have a 5 yr old son and wonder was is the perception of boys and sewing. Is it possible to make him a "boyish" sewing kit or is this out of the question?

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

This is a great post about the sewing box....I remember when we started sewing together so many years ago.

I have linked to this post today from my blog. :)


TeacherBritt said...

Great information in your post!!! You always do such a fine job of being thorough and simple! We also are so excited we received the Winter Kit... can't wait to get started!

Be Blessed,

School for Us said...

Thanks for the great ideas for a sewing box. My mother-in-law and I just put one together for my daughter in October. And, I was reading the CM carnival tonight and came across your post. I immediately got my daughter and we are now whip-stiching her bear! I'll share it with you when we're done. Thanks!!!

Leila - mommyof4 said...

My daughter just finished one of the bears. We put it on our new handicrafts blog here:

Thanks so much for the idea and for submitting to the blog carnival!

kimberly said...

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katty said...

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