Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Official Hearts and Trees Launch Day

Officially Announcing our Winter Themed Art Kit!
Fall Art, Handicraft, and Nature Study
01-21-07 I am now SOLD OUT of winter kits. Check back to see about my spring kit March 2008.

Each kit includes the instructions and materials to complete easy and fun handicraft, art and nature study projects with a minimum of effort. (Please note that you will need to provide common art supplies such as glue, tape, watercolors, crayons, hole punch, etc.)

These kits were gathered with children ages 6-12 in mind. The parent will need to be involved in some of the more complex projects such as the hand-sewing activity and for the baking of the Sculpey.

Contents of this kit:

1. Art Print: Paul Signac’s Boulevard de Clichy, Paris
2. Paul Signac notebooking page
3. Cool Colors worksheet- to explore and discuss cool colors in art.
4. Watercolor paper & black cardstock for Cool Colors Winter Tree Crayon Resist Project
5. Materials to make Sculpey Bug Thumbtacks (colors will vary)
6. Materials to make the Easy Fleece Hat (your choice of fleece color!)
7. Instructions for the Easy Fleece Hat & the Sculpey Bug Thumbtacks
8. Instructions for the Cool Colors Crayon Resist
9. Weather Lapbook (which includes: Winter Nature Journal, Kinds of Clouds, Moon Log, Weather Words, Wind Scale, Weather Record, Weather Forecasting, and space for your own weather poem)
10. Colored file folder for Weather Lapbook (colors will vary)

We are offering this Winter Art, Handicraft, and Nature Study Kit for the low price of $9.95 plus $4.60 Priority rate postage. (If shipping outside of US or Canada, email us for shipping costs.)
Each kit is enough for one student but we will be offering additional student kits for $8.00.
If you are ordering two or three kits, please note your shipping cost will be $7.00 Priority.
I am sold out of kits, check my blog often for updates about upcoming kits.


Anonymous said...

another wonderful offering from Amanda! we had so much fun yesterday making our hats and trying to paint in pointellism

already looking forwrd to the Spring kits! and it was a great idea to get myself a kit *giggle*



Anonymous said...

sheesh! that's homeschooljournal, not homeschoolblogger


Janet - SCDplus said...

Hi Amanda!
I got pictures of the kids making their hats plus some of what we've done with the lapbook components.
We are having so much fun with this kit plus I love the other wonderful craft ideas on your blog.
It was a treasure to find your site!

Jessica said...

we love this winter kit and are having a blast with it.
Here's my blog so you can see the pics of the kids modeling their hats.
We are working on the lapbooks right now and my kids are fascinated with the moon so we've been doing a lot of observing and discussing it.
Thanks so much,


B.A.M. said...

These look great!! Will you be selling them for this winter?
Thnaks! Angie in GA