Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nature Walks in Bad Weather & Charlotte Mason

"But how to get fresh air and exercise in wet or cold weather is more important since most people don't need any encouragement to be outside when the weather is nice."
(Volume 1 Page 85)

It is really true that when it is nice outside we don't need much encouragement to get outdoors to enjoy the sun and warm weather. The first few weeks of spring-like weather often move us all to take a walk, sit outside, or plan a picnic in the park. Is it any less important to get outside when it is wintery? While I admit I don't really like to be wet, there is something about being outside when it is raining or snowing. Especially when it is snowing everything seems so peaceful. The birds seem louder. Everything feels fresh and new. There can be a certain smell in the air when it rains.
"There is enough to see outside in winter to satisfy any poet. In fact, winter may be even better because there aren't so many things going on in nature that they crowd each other out. It's easier to notice what's there."
(Volume 1 Page 86)

This is a good point too. In the fall when we go outside we are easily distracted by the brightly colored leaves flashing in the wind. In spring we may focus all our attention on the new plant growth and miss out on other things around us. In the winter deciduous trees are stripped bare of their leaves and we can better see the bark and branches of the trees. We can better see the birds in the trees. If everything around us is gray anything colored will stand out to us.

"Lots of exercise in the open air is so healthy that rain shouldn't stop children from going outside unless they're sick. A wet walk tramping through rain is fun. Even the rain beating down feels good. Jogging and running in the rain is excellent as long children don't overtire themselves... Although being out in the rain is fine, children shouldn't sit around in wet clothes."
(Volume 1 Page 88)

Charlotte Mason encourages 2 to 3 hours outdoors regardless of the weather. Fresh air is good for our body, mind and heart. It is not unhealthy to be outdoors in the rainy or cold weather as long as we are wearing the proper gear and and sure to change out of any wet clothes once we come indoors.
I hope I inspired you to take your children outdoors today regardless of the type of weather you are having. And be sure to check out my winter walk scavenger hunt free download.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I enjoyed our brisk walk outdoors yesterday together. The sun was out but it was COLD. The breeze was even COLDER. I think we both enjoyed the sky, the snow, the mountains, the ravens, the ice, the wind in the pines sounding like the ocean, and the time spent together.

I think Charlotte Mason knew what she was talking about. :)

Mom (Amanda's Mom)

JacciM said...

Amanda, thanks so much for submitting your post to the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival! I enjoyed it very much :) If it's above 20 degrees, I'm game. Below that and, I admit, we stay in. A baby in frigid temps is a bit much, even for me! I loved the post :)

***I apologize for the delay in this posting this week's edition. After a bit of difficulty, I decided to post it at my own blog. Here is the link, please share it.

Thank you so much!

Jenn4him said...

Thank you for this bit of encouragement!
PS, I adore your mom's blogs. She is so inspiring.

Leila - mommyof4 said...

Thanks so much for this post! I have to admit I am not one to be out in the cold... with little ones I find it a bit hard but you have inspired me to make an effort to get outside more in our winter weather!