Sunday, December 16, 2007

No Sew Fleece Blankets

Another great and easy project is to make a no sew fleece blanket. If you haven't made one yet, you have to try it. Everyone in my family has their own. There is so much fun fleece out there, the hardest part of this project is to decide which fleece you want! Of course it wasn't until after I made my blanket that I found Hawaiian print fleece- how awesome is that!

Here is my middle brother with his flame fleece blanket.

And here is my youngest brother making my dad's fleece blanket.

And here is my youngest brother's bed with his Nemo blanket and fleece tie pillow.

****To print these instructions you can download them as a PDF here.****

No Sew Fleece Blanket Instructions:

You will need:

  • Two lengths of fleece. (The length size is up to you. My brothers each used 1 yard lengths for their blankets and they are perfect for curling up with, but don't cover their whole beds. My fleece blanket is made with 1 1/2 yard lengths and I use it to cover my double bed. My father's blanket is made with lengths that are 2 yards each and if perfect for a covering everyone on the whole couch, but it is really heavy.)
  • Scissors
  • Yard stick or tape measure
  • Ruler


~Here is a diagram I made to sort of illustrate the steps below.~

1. Trim the salvage edges of each length of fleece. (That means trim the sides which are usually folded in and have little holes in them.)

2. On a large, flat surface lay the two lengths of fleece out. Lay the first length face down and the second length face up on top of the first.

3. Trim both layers of fleece to make them square and the same exact size.

4. Cut 4" squares out of the four corners of the stacked fleece.

5. Now you are going to cut fringe along all the sides. Lay a yard stick or tape measure from one inside corner of the cut square to the another.

6. Cut every 1" (using a ruler as a guide) from the edge of the fleece to the yard stick or tape measure. (That will be 4".)

7. Cut fringe on all the sides.

8. Tie the fringe together. (The first step when you are tying a shoe, do it twice.)

9. Work around the whole blanket tying the fringe.

And that's it!

Have fun with this project. As seen in the third photo, you can adapt this to make a pillow. Just work with smaller lengths of fleece and before you finish tying around the whole blanket stuff the fleece with cotton batting.

As always, you are welcome to share any photos of completed projects using the ideas on this blog. You can email me photos or links. ( Now, go find some fleece!


Anonymous said...

That is a really cute idea. I wonder how well it will work with other materials.

Carrie said...

I love these blankets! We do them every year at my MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) and donate to area nursing homes/hospitals. This is a great thing to do in a group.

Sven said...

good Job! :)

zimm girls said...

hi i'm JEZ! i have a blog too, i'm just not signed in right now. it is:
question: do you have any fleece kitts? if so, any green ones or something with the jonas brothers on it? you can just leave a comment on my blogto answer my questions! thx!

stellahannigan said...

Hey I've got a set of those nice brown bound volumes in my home too!
Nice to know you, I've been following harmony mom for a while now.

Anonymous said...

Your directions are excellent! We are going to make a blanket like this for one of my Sunday School students who willbe having some reconstructive surgery. The kids will each have a square to make and I'm trying to figure out how each child can put a special message on their square to say "get better".