Monday, October 1, 2007

See the Fall Art Kit in Action!

~I absolutely *love* the results of this fall banner! Beautiful!~

Hope over at The Sinister Scribe has posted some photos of her and her children's projects from the fall art kit and has invited me to share them on this blog. Check the posts out here and here and here and here. Keep up the great work!

~Hope really embraced the whole idea of our kits- to introduce new and easy ideas parents can take and use in their home schooling and nature study even after they've completed the kit's projects. She took our idea of a Nature Journal book and made one for her younger daughter as well.~

~Hope's son Sam completed the warm color watercolor project and was inspired to try his hand at another painting. I love the wet on wet effect!~

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Hope said...

Hi Amanda!
Thank you for the wonderful comments. :) The three of us have really enjoyed these projects. We made the leaf pendant today and my son wants to make more for gifts. Thanks for creating this inspired and inspiring kit!