Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things To Do With Acorns

This time of year the ground is littered with acorns. After taking a nice nature walk and collecting acorns, what can you do with them? Below is a list of links to some fun ideas.
1. Make an acorn wreath.
2. Turn your acorns into pumpkins! (I want to do this without the jack-0-lantern faces.)
3. A little more effort required for this one: Make acorn napkin rings.

4. Make acorn cap candleholders.

5. Make acorn people. (I am going to try this.)
6. Use acorn caps to decorate a frame. (like below)

If anyone else has any other fun ideas or links feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks so much. Enjoy!

And please be sure to check out my Pinterest Fall Kids Craft Board for more ideas. 

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live4evermom said...

We will have to try the acorn people and the napkin rings. Now all I have to do is go acorn hunting.

Artist said...

If you like to purchase a print of the watercolor painting at the top of this post please visit my galleries. I am Ginette Callaway and I painted this piece.

PS: Blog owner, please do not remove this link.