Sunday, July 6, 2008

Outdoor Hour CafePress Store

I just put together a small CafePress Store using the graphic logo I designed for my Mom's weekly nature study challenges she hosts over on her blog The Handbook of Nature Study. Our favorite item is the Outdoor Hour Tote Bag. It is a great size and very sturdily made. The graphic looks very cute and would be perfect to take along on your next nature study adventure.

~Outdoor Hour Magnet~

We wanted to check for quality before we advertised these items on our blogs. I purchased the tote bag, a magnet and the nature journal. The magnet is totally great. It would be perfect to hang on your refrigerator as a little reminder to participate in her nature challenges each week. We even designed it with the web address of my mom's blog!

~Outdoor Hour Unlined Nature Journal~

The Outdoor Hour Unlined Nature Journal would be a perfect to record all of you nature journal entries as you complete each challenge. The paper inside this journal is a nice weight and it is the perfect size to carry in your backpack. The only thing is the back cover is made of flexible plastic, which will surely withstand some wear and tear, but it does not make for a sturdy surface if you are not working at a table or on a clipboard or something. You can also purchase an Outdoor Hour Sticker and stick it on your own nature journal or binder.

I would love to hear what you have to say about these items, so be sure to leave me a comment. :)


Lisawa said...

How fun for you and your mom! Seriously! I think I will get a tote bag soon... I cary books to read when Im out.... it seem like a perfect size for that too.


Berry Patch said...

Oooh - I love the look of all of these. I'm off to check our your Mom's blog at the moment. It looks very intersting! :-)

Lisa in ME

B.A.M. said...

These are AWESOME!!!! What a wonderful idea!!!! I wish I could get one of everythihg =o)
Thank for sharing!!--Angie in GA

Rachael in NZ said...

Oh these are lovely! If we weren't living in New Zealand I wouldn't hesitate to buy the tote & notebooks for my girls...maybe closer to summertime!

Rachael in NZ