Friday, July 25, 2008

A Summer Ice Cream Project

When I worked at an elementary school, the children *loved* this project. I guess anything that involves ice cream they would probably have loved. Making ice cream is surprisingly easy and this project makes it so much fun, because everyone is involved: Ice Cream in a Baggie. And for me at least, there aren't too many things better than homemade ice cream in the summertime.

You could add chocolate syrup or mini choclolate chips or crushed up oreos once your ice cream has thickened. The possibilities are really endless! Is this a project you think your kids would enjoy? Feel free to leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

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Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

That looks like a fun and easy project for the kids!

While I have an easy plugin ice cream maker, my boys would appreciate having their very own bag and personalizing it with add-in's.

Thanks for the link!