Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clearing Out My Inventory

Because I will no longer be able to sell my kits after February 9, 2009 I am trying to clear out my inventory.

Here is what I have available:
  • 4 Summer Kits ($14.00 each with First Class shipping) SOLD!! Thank you!
  • 1 Fall Kit ($14.00 with First Class shipping)SOLD!! Thank you!
  • 1 lime green easy fleece hat project kit- includes all project materials and instructions ($5.00 with First Class shipping)This project was included in my Winter 2007 kit.SOLD!! Thank You!
  • Extra aluminum sheets- like the ones included in my Winter 2008 Kit ($0.30 a sheet plus shipping) Once I know how many you would like I can let you know how much shipping will be.
I am also hoping to sell the last of my Winter 2008 Kits. I have quite a few left and will not be able to sell them after February 9th. Please purchase yours today if you are interested.

If you are interested in purchasing anything other than my Winter Kit (which you can purchase by using the Pay Now PayPal buttons on my sidebar), please email me (amandachristina@yahoo.com) and I will get all the information to you. Everything will be first come first served. Thanks!


Char said...

I'm sorry to see that your art kits will no longer be available, but you are very talented and creative, I'm sure you will come up with somthing very fun and exciting for the future.. :>)
love cs

::carol:: said...

Just checking if you got my email about the aluminium sheets you have in stock? I would love to pick up some of the extras. Thanks Carol